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Rated 9.7 / 10

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Icon chevron primary How does leasing work?

Leasing a car is a very simple process, pick your make and model and any optional extras, choose how long you want to lease the car for, how many miles a year you will cover, and how large you want your initial payment to be. Our online calculator will then show you the cheapest monthly amount we can find for your selections. Fill in your details online for one of our broker team to contact you, who will call you ASAP to talk you through the process.

Once you have accepted the quote, our broker team will send you the form to apply for this type of finance, you fill it in and once you're approved by the finance provider and you've signed the finance documents the new car is ordered (or reserved if already in stock). Once the car is ready for delivery you're contacted to arrange a convenient date and time, the car is delivered to your door and the first initial payment comes out of your bank account by direct debit within 7-10 days of delivery, and following payments come out monthly after that.

You keep possession of the car for the agreed number of years, during this time the car's road fund license (road tax) is paid for by the leasing company. You are required to insure the car yourself with comprehensive insurance for the full term, keep the car in good condition, and cover all servicing, maintenance and tyre replacement costs (unless you choose the maintenance option to be included in your agreement).

Several months before the end of your agreement you will be contacted to agree a convenient time for the car to be collected from you. This is also a good time at this point to start looking for your next new car lease! On collection the car will be inspected, and if there is any damage over and above usual wear and tear guidelines, if the tyres need replacement or any other maintenance is needed then you will be sent a bill for the cost of this work. If you have exceeded the total agreed mileage over the term you will be sent a bill for the excess mileage charge at the rate per mile agreed in the contract.

Icon chevron primary I've always bought my cars, why should I lease?

There are many benefits to leasing over outright purchase, including being cost effective, easy budgeting, peace of mind and hassle-free enjoyment.

The main benefits include:

  • Drive a brand new car every 2-3 years staying within manufacturer warranty with all the benefits of the latest technology and safety features.

  • No huge initial outlay, so money can be invested elsewhere - as the famous quote goes "never buy a depreciating asset!" most cars lose nearly 60% of their value in the first three years, and can lose even more in a recession.

  • Simple, no hassle up-front pricing with big discounts built in to give very competitive monthly rates.

  • Guaranteed and easily budgeted costs - one simple monthly fee that can easily be built into the household or company budget with no concerns at the end of the contract, with servicing and maintenance included if required and no nasty surprises.

  • Avoid any unexpected bills associated with used cars.

  • No selling concerns at the end of the contract, no hassle with part exchange or the feeling a dealership has ripped you off over your car's value, just have the car collected from your home or work and lease another one!

Icon chevron primary What's the difference between PCH and PCP?

They do both sound very similar as both involve paying a monthly amount for a car, and people do get mixed up easily, but there are some important differences:

PCH or Personal Contract Hire (also known as personal leasing) is a fixed term rental agreement, i.e. you are agreeing to rent a car for a fixed period of time from a leasing company and at the end you give the vehicle back. The car always stays property of the leasing company and there is no option to purchase the car at the end of the agreement, so no hassle with trying to value it or part exchange it, no worries about being in negative equity, the car is simply collected and you take out a new lease and get another new car.

PCP or Personal Contract Purchase is a form of Hire Purchase finance agreement, where you become the registered keeper (your name on the V5 log book) from start, and as part of the finance agreement the car is given a 'Guaranteed Future Value' (GFV) that is set as a large final lump sum amount due at the end of the contract. You pay a deposit, pay monthly payments and at the end of the contract you have 3 choices: you either pay the final GFV payment and own the car, or hand the car back and walk way, or trade the car in and if it is worth more than the final value then you get the difference in equity back.

Orangewheels have ourselves advertised PCP deals from dealerships for years in the past and have found that time and again personal leasing (PCH) has worked out cheaper with a smaller initial payment and smaller monthly payments than PCP, with our dealer quotes getting beaten by cheaper quotes from leasing companies, so being fed up of getting beaten and to help our customers find the cheapest deals we have switched to offering Personal Leasing as our main offering. As the leasing companies buy thousands of cars every year, they receive much larger volume discounts directly from manufacturers than customers are ever offered at dealerships. This is why Personal Leasing is the by far fastest growing way of acquiring a new car with over 1.6 Million PCH deals arranged for UK customers last year.

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Orangewheels make leasing a new car easy!

Established back in 2007, Orangewheels are a leading specialist in sourcing some of the best new car lease deals for satisfied customers across the UK. We are successful because we make things simple - pick your new car spec, colour and options on our easy to use website and our online calculator shows you the best price we can find from a panel of the UK's biggest and most respected leasing companies like LEX, Santander, Hitachi and Leaseplan amongst others. Prices are updated daily on over 1.6 million vehicle specifications to ensure you get the best deal. If you a see a price you like, just pop your details in and our team of experts will call you back and help with any questions you have, and guide you from first enquiry to taking delivery of your next new car.

We find you some of the strongest new car leasing deals available as we focus nationally on the very best price, rather than an average deal locally, and combined with our volume buying power the savings can be spectacular, and our long term relationships with some of the UK's biggest dealer groups means our ability to source stock car is excellent. With over 13 years motor industry experience, we have in the past helped customers source their new cars via several methods such as PCP and HP, but have found time and again that leasing works out cheaper on a new car than a PCP or other finance methods the vast majority of the time, and also takes out the hassle, knowing that things like manufacturer warranties, road tax and free delivery to your door are included, and items like servicing and tyres can be built in to your monthly quote if needed. Approval is a quick and easy process - anyone holding a UK driving license can apply, and with no need to worry about having to part exchange or dispose of the car at the end of the contract - simply hand the car back and take out a new one, it removes both the risk and the hassle usually involved in buying, which is why personal leasing is rapidly increasing in popularity and the fastest growing method of sourcing a new car in the UK.

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