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New BMW M235i Deals

New BMW M235i Deals
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New 2018 BMW M235i For Sale - Best Deals

At the premium end of the new BMW 2 Series sits the extraordinary M235i petrol. Part of BMW’s new M Performance range, this model is designed to bridge the gap between the “standard” range of BMW family cars, and the more expensive high-performance models. With dynamic styling, incredibly responsive engine, and a relatively affordable price tag, the M235i is sure to win the hearts of many discerning motorists, whether they choose the sporty Convertible or the more classically engineered Coupe version.

The 2018 M235i has an M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline six cylinder petrol engine, with an estimated 326 horsepower, and phenomenal acceleration from 0 to 60 in only 5.0 seconds. Naturally, the fuel economy of the M235i is lower than the other models in the 2 Series range, but at around 35mpg, it is still respectable for such a powerful engine.

The driving experience of the M235i is notably enjoyable at higher speeds, when the roof is down in the Convertible, and the engine sounds particularly sporty beyond 5,000rpm. The variable M Sport suspension allows a satisfying amount of body roll around corners, increasing the traction and road-hugging ability, especially when the SPORT+ mode is selected on the built-in Driving Experience Control system.

The BMW M235i petrol Coupe is available from around £34,500 and the Convertible is slightly more expensive at just over £37,700. These prices relate to the manual versions, and both models can be combined with an eight-speed automatic gearbox for an additional £1,700.

Our complete selection of new 2018 BMW M235i deals is shown above, just select the car you're after to see our best prices and special offers on a New 2018 BMW M235i For Sale, either as a cash deal or with BMW low rate finance.

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