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Audi R8

Audi R8

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Fuel type: Petrol


Engine size: 5.2


Transmission: Automatic

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New Audi R8 For Sale

Orangewheels can offer you the widest selection of discounts on every possible version of the new Audi R8 For Sale in the UK, either the V10 or the V10 plus - coupe or spyder, whichever model you require we can find you the best deals and offers, just give us a call for a chat.

The New Audi R8 2018 model has been declared as a truly great super car, and one of the only ones for sale that you can truly use everyday. Lets start with the engine, which is the wonderful 5.2 V10 as seen previously in the Lamborghini Huracan with a choice of either 502 horsepower in the standard car or 610 horsepower in the Plus model. which in the lightweight R8 will propel you from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, or in the new V10 engine in under 3.2 seconds. The R8's chassis is an all aluminium monocoque, servicing and parts aren't than much more expensive than other Audis and reliability is proven, so no big bills or unexpected breakdowns that you would get in a traditional fragile super car like a Ferrari. Driving the R8 is a sublime experience, the Quattro system weighted with a rear bias, so the car can be made to drift and kick out the rear should you want to, and the everyday theme is carried over into the fantastic way the suspension absorbs bumps on British roads.

The Audi R8 2018 car is available in both a coupe and a convertible format, with the convertible being known as the Spyder, and costing a little under £10,000 more than the equivalent coupe model. There's currently just he 5.2 litre engine available though there are rumours that a 2.9 turbo currently seen in the RS5 will soon be available to replace the V8 in the previous model R8.

The 2018 R8 is for sale in the following colours: Ara Blue Crystal, Dynamite Red, Camouflage Green, Vegas Yellow, Floret Silver, Tango Red, Ibis White, Daytona Grey, Suzuka Grey or Matt Camouflage green. The V10 model gets metallic paint free of charge.

Audi pitched the R8 starting prices at just over the £110,000 mark, which is a fantastic price to own a genuine supercar, There isn't much you need to add for resale value although don't get too carried away with the options list - or go to the V10 plus model which comes with just about everything you'd want. Most dealers aren't offering any discount on 2018 Audi R8 Prices, but here at Orangewheels we have some great discounts for you - Just take a look to find our discounts: how much is on offer and what is the cheapest price available on the new R8.

We have some of the best deals available on the Audi R8 2018 model, check out our cheapest discounted prices above to see just exactly how cheap we could make your new car. Spec up your ideal choice with colours, interiors and options, and we can show you how much you can save over your local dealers price, direct from our UK Audi main dealers and delivered to your door.

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