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New BMW 4 Series Deals

New BMW 4 Series Deals

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New 2018 BMW 4 Series For Sale - Best Deals

The new BMW 4 series has proved an instant hit, and follows the brand's model splitting & renaming programme, taking over from the slots in the range left by the departure of the 3 series coupe and cabriolet models, meaning that the more sporty lifestyle orientated cars are separated from the traditional saloons and estates in the range. This helps boost the residual value of the cars making them feel a bit more rarefied, and also allows BMW to charge more for them.

There is no denying that the 2018 BMW 4 series is a great looking car, with its rakish coupe profile, its styling endowing it with a greater sense of purpose than its 3 series saloon sibling with which it shares engines and underpinnings. Its more aggressive, wider and lower stance immediately marks it out as something special, and private buyers seem to agree with showroom sales a resounding success.

BMW also offer a convertible version of the car for a modest price increase of a little over £3000 which uses a metal folding hard top roof giving year round protection. The roof does add a little to the weight of the car though, so performance is a little blunted compared to the Coupe.

To round off the 2018 range BMW also offer the new 4 series in a GranCoupe body style following from arch rival Audi's decision to launch an A5 Sportback - this is effectively taking the coupe and stretching it adding 2 extra doors so it has nearly all of the practicality of the 3 series saloon, yet retains more of the 4 series looks and rakish roofline and has a hatchback boot for easier load access rather than a saloon style boot. The 4 Series GranCoupe is again stealing sales not only from Audi, but also from the 3 series range where customers who are happy to pay more for something a little more special are upgrading from higher end 3 series models.

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