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Honda CRZ

Honda CRZ

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New Honda CRZ For Sale - 2018 Deals

Before the 2018 Honda CRZ came along, hybrids for sale were effectively boring, targeting a particular type of customer that put economy and green-ness before anything else. This car redresses the balance meaning you can have both style, sportiness and performance and not sacrifice your green credentials or drive around in a pig ugly car. The hybrid system is very similar to that seen in cars such as the Prius, but the performance is tweaked so you can access a decent amount of acceleration when on the open road, and still run on electric only mode when in slow moving traffic, but the coupe body style means the suspension will be set up for much more dynamic handling.

Orangewheels can offer you the biggest selection of discounts on every possible version of the new Honda CRZ For Sale in the UK, from the entry level s to the Sport or GT Hybrids, whichever model you require we can find you the best deals and offers, just give us a call for a chat.

The Honda CRZ 2018 model is really in a class of one, and doesn't have any real rivals yet (although plenty are predicted over the next 5 years) so it's tricky to see just how good value this car is, but the car starts at a very reasonable price so comes in well under something like a TT and may be a little cheaper than an entry level VW Scirocco. All our new Honda CR-V Prices with big discounts are above for you to see - Just take a look to find our discounts: how much is on offer and what is the cheapest price available with our discounts.

Orangewheels has some of the cheapest prices and best Honda CRZ deals available anywhere in the UK - there aren't huge savings to be had yet as the cars are being sold in incredibly limited numbers in the UK. as supply gets better then we expect our discounts to improve over the next year or so. Once you have test driven the car at your local dealer and decided on your ideal colour and spec, just let us know and we will put you in touch with our supplying main dealers who can supply the cars at our special discounted price.

The New 2018 CR-Z is for sale in the following colours: Metallic Storm Silver, Pearlescent Premium White, Crystal Black, Horizon Turquoise, and Solid Milano Red.

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