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New 2018 Range Rover Sport

New 2018 Range Rover Sport

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New Range Rover Sport For Sale - 2018 Sport Deals

The 2018 Range Rover Sport has a chassis based on the all new Range Rover mechanicals, meaning it's much lighter than the model it replaces being all aluminium, and not having a separate ladder chassis. This makes it Fun to throw around on the road as the standard rubber is very much road focused, showing where Land Rover expects this car to spend most of its time. The all new 2018 car has added some refreshed looks and some trendy looking LED driving lights which are proving very popular.

Land rover is making leaps and bounds on the reliability front, and being based on the Range Rover certainly does no harm here. Materials look rugged but high quality, and tough enough to withstand whatever terrain you choose to throw at it. Here at Orangewheels we have some of the best Range Rover Sport deals available in the UK. Just click on your required model above to add your selected colours and options for a personalised quotation.

The commanding driving position is a great place to sit and gives a great view of the road. The interior has a much more rugged, functional feel than the luxury of the traditional Range Rover, and seems to be loaded with many more switches, but they are well laid out and easy to use. Space is good, although you only get the 5 seats, rather than the 7 of the cheaper Discovery, but the Sport is much more aggressive looking, particularly on the big alloys, and will appeal to a different audience than either of its siblings. There are some great Range Rover Sport Offers available at the moment, just have a look at our discounts to see what's available.

The 2018 Range Rover Sport is for sale in the following colours: Metallic Aintree Green, Baltic Blue, Bournville, Firenze Red, Indus Silver, Ipanamera Sand, Marmaris Teal, Nara Bronze, Orkney Grey, Santorini Black, Siberian Silver and Solid Fuji White. All free of charge on HSE models upwards.

Despite being the pricier version, the mid range HSE has always far outsold the cheaper SE model even though it costs £7,000 more. The car with its aggressive looks was designed to be a BMW X5 killer, and attracts the younger city types rather try and be the traditional countryside chariot like the rest of the Land Rover range, and it has certainly succeeded. Dealers still have waiting lists for the car, but discounts have become available recently, but residual values are excellent, making a great all round buy. Pick of the range is the newly launched 3.0 SDV6 HSE version, with good fuel economy and great residual values. For our best new 2018 Range Rover Sport prices, just click on the model you require above to add your required colour and spec for a complete discount price quote.

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