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Toyota set out with 2 main goals when they designed and engineered the GT86 model, firstly to create a truly wonderful handling yet affordable car that didn't need massive performance to allow you to explore the outer liits of its capabilities, and secondly to help restore some sporting prowess back into the brand once famous for its wonderful sports cars like the Supra and Celica models. Jointly engineered with Subaru who offer a similar model called the BRZ, the GT86 is a 2+2 coupe with it's priorities firmly on satisfying driving enthusiasts. To this end they started with a 2.0 litre normally aspirated engine to ensure the car was free revving and that throttle response was immediate and accurate so that any input could be metered out exactly so the power to the rear end was infinitely controllable and unfettered by turbo lag. They also gave the car deliberately skinny tyres so that the outer levels of its mechanical grip could be reached at lower speeds and lower power levels making the car fun on both a public road and a racetrack, and as a byproduct meaning the power levels were moderate so that the price could be kept down - no massive V8 engine with it's corresponding six figure pricetag required.

In all respects they suceeded, and rearding any car entusiast magazine or website whose focus is on driving pleasure, such as Autocar, Pistonheads or EVO you weill find rave reviews on how much the Toyota GT86 is unlike anything else on the market - not a pretty little coupe to satisfy the masses like an Audi TT, but a light and fun sports car in the traditional style that is rarely seen nowadays, and one that will give the keen driver huge rewards. The entire selection of new Toyota GT86 deals are shown above, just select the new car specification you're after to see our best prices, deals and special offers from our authorised UK main dealers on a new 2018 GT86 for sale in the UK, either as a cash deal or with a low rate PCP finance quote.

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