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Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat

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New VW Passat For Sale - 2018 Deals

The new Volkswagen Passat 2018 model was officially launched in October at the Paris motor show, is the eighth-generation of this model. It is definitely a noticeable step ahead of previous iterations, showing Volkswagen’s ambitions to compete with premium car manufacturers.

Designed to appeal to a more up-market motorist than previous generations, the 2018 model is lighter, more efficient and stylish than before.

The new Passat comes in a range of versions to suit different customers’ needs and budgets. The relatively economical 1.6 TDI S model starts at just over £22k while the premium, top-spec 2.0 BiTDi Bi-turbo engine in R-Line spec costs upwards of £35k, so VW Passat prices cover a wide spectrum and a car can be found for most budgets nad tastes.

With a reputation for reliability and safety to uphold, Volkswagen appear to have delivered excellence yet again. The new Passat is for sale with numerous impressive and innovative safety features, such as Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert, warning drivers of cars approaching on their blind spot. Another feature is Emergency Assist, which can safely bring the car to a stop in the event of the driver being injured or incapacitated, lowering the potential for further collisions.

Other technological features you’ll find in the new Passat saloon include Traffic Jam Assist, enabling drivers to relax in heavy traffic while the car automatically slows and accelerates up to a predetermined speed. Plus, parking difficulties will become history for drivers who take advantage of the Park Assist and 360 degree Area View function, which means the car can automatically park itself forwards into a designated space. Handy for tight spaces, or for those who find parking an issue. These features have been upgraded from previous models, and are some examples of the integration of radar and/or camera based technologies in the latest Volkswagen vehicles.

Another benefit for drivers is the improved interior comfort provided by the new Passat, from the soft cloth or leather upholstery to the front climate seats with massage control (optional with Executive, Executive Style and R-Line models). Plus, the S, Executive and R-Line models also come with Dynamic Chassis Control, which allows drivers to select Sport, Normal or Comfort settings, depending on the road surface and the desired driving experience. This is available as an optional extra on other versions, for around £700.

Only diesel versions of the new Passat will be available in the UK, reportedly due to lower sales of the petrol versions of the seventh-generation model. Generally, the diesel versions are more economical to run and environmentally friendly than their petrol counterparts, and it’s clear to see that the modern UK car buyer has these factors in mind when making their purchasing decisions.

With that in mind, the Volkswagen Passat is sure to tick more than a few boxes. For example, the new Passat 2.0 TDI boasts an enviable 68.9 combined mpg, with emissions of just 106 g/km of CO2. The inclusion of BlueMotion technology provided in most current Volkswagen ranges gives the Passat its excellent fuel economy and reduced emissions.

The new Passat 5 door Estate is designed to suit families and large groups, and comes in either 1.6 or 2.0 Litre versions, with a choice between a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. The SE Business spec version, on the other hand, offers features that will satisfy any fleet driver, including a built in satellite navigation system for a £1000 premium. For an extra £1300, the GT version includes heated Alcantara seats, along with three-zone climate control and 18-inch alloy wheels for £1300 extra.

Rumours are circulating that Volkswagen may release a Passat model incorporating the new turbocharged 3.0 litre VR6 engine later next year, although at the moment these are unconfirmed. What is true, however, is the impressive selection of features the new Volkswagen Passat offers. And with a healthy waiting list already in place, it’s a sure bet that the demand for these stylish vehicles will be equally impressive.

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