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Fiat 500 Automatic Lease Deals

Find fantastic lease deals on a new 2021 Fiat 500 Automatic, personal or business leasing, road tax and delivery included.

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Editorial view:

The Automatic range for the new 500 uses Fiat’s advanced Dualogic technology to produce a uniquely flexible automatic transmission that will switch between semi-automatic and full automatic modes. Dualogic retains all the fun of a Fiat 500, but takes out the effort when driving this timeless city coupé.

A sophisticated computer operates in tandem with the Dualogic gear system to ensure that the 500 is always running to maximum economy according to speed and terrain. The 500 is a small car with big low-cost credentials and the Dualogic upholds this well-deserved reputation.

In semi-automatic mode, the 2021 Fiat 500 driver simply shifts a gear lever without using a clutch and the computer does the rest. In full automatic mode, the system operates similar to standard automatic transmission, selecting the correct gear according to speed and revs.

Typically the cost of a Dualogic on board a Fiat 500 is around £700 more than the manual equivalent. The Dualogic system pairs with all trims and comes with 3 different engine specs. It is also available for the soft top 500C or the 4-door 500L in addition to the standard 3-door.

For the classic Coupé with Dualogic, prices start at around £13.5K for the 2021 version when paired with the standard 1.2L Pop petrol engine with stop-start. Dualogic is also available in the smart 0.9L Twinair 85PS which boasts an average consumption of over 70mpg as well as a stunning 90g per km in CO2 emissions. At extra cost, this engine is also available with Dualogic in the Fiat 500C convertible.

Orangewheels has some of the best new 2021 Fiat 500 Automatic Lease Deals available, whether it’s the 1.2 Petrol, the 0.9 litre turbo petrol and the new 1.0 litre hybrid models. Just select the model you’re interested in above, and use our easy online calculator to choose your ideal mileage, term and up-front payment to see your own personalised deal immediately and see how much we could save you with the cheapest monthly payments from our comprehensive panel of leasing companies, with road tax and delivery anywhere mainland UK included.

Full Fiat range:



RRP £10,575 - £17,395

Tailor model


RRP £13,015 - £21,775

Tailor model


RRP £19,240 - £25,760

Tailor model


RRP £18,690 - £21,090

Tailor model


RRP £15,540 - £22,765

Tailor model

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