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Mercedes C-Class 4Matic 4WD Deals

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Mercedes has been introducing 4 wheel drive on several models in its UK range following increased sales across Europe and the USA in areas that get poor weather conditions, and demand has been strong. In a brand that was typically rear wheel drive and therefore hopeless in the snow and losing sales to rival Audi with its Quattro system, Mercedes countered with its own 4WD system called 4Matic. It adds a little extra weight to the car and driving 4 wheels rather than two does blunt fuel economy slightly, and will add a little to the list price, but it's more than worth it compared to being stuck in snowy conditions. the 4 wheel drive system is only available on selected models in the C Class line-up, usually those with more torque like the larger engines such as the C220d and C300d and the 43 AMG models, just look for the word 4Matic in our description and you'll be sure to have selected the correct one. We would always also recommend winter tyres in poor conditions because while 4WD will get you the traction to start moving forwards, it doesn't help you steer or brake and better, so you will still slide off the road on the standard summer tyres! The entire selection of new Mercedes C-Class 4WD deals are shown above, just select the new car specification you're after to see our best prices, deals and special offers from our authorised UK main dealers on a new 2021 C-Class 4Matic 4 wheel drive for sale in the UK, either as a cash deal or with a low rate PCP finance quote.

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