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Fiat Punto 3 Door

Fiat Punto 3 Door

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New 2018 Fiat Punto 3 Door For Sale - Best Deals

Choosing the size of your new Punto can be a bit like flipping a coin – only without the gamble. Both 3 and 5-door options provide the same fantastic features at affordable prices. The 3-door, however, can be considered the classic choice for a range of drivers, and here’s why.

The 3-door is a cost-effective, sporty hatchback that works well across all trims and engine types in the 2018 Punto model range – from the 1.2 Pop to the 1.3 MultiJet Easy and the 1.4 Jet Black 2, you’re sure to find an option that will suit your preferences. This flexibility of body style is very telling of the Punto’s broad market appeal – so whether you’re new on the road or a seasoned motorist, Fiat has been careful to deliver enough range for all.

So, what are some of the advantages of picking a 3-door? Well, firstly, there’s the price. The entry-level Punto Pop in a 3-door style starts from as little as £10,050. If you decide to add in any optional extras, you’ll be thrilled to know they still might not amount to the basic price of a 5-door in the same trim. That’s more bang for your buck, and a smart deal if you’re looking to maintain a good resale value.

Then there’s the other aspect of being affordable – less doors means less weight, and less weight amounts to greater fuel economy. Plus, you can enjoy neater proportions, slicker dimensions, and a nippier overall effect when driving a new Punto 3-door. It’s a real barrel of laughs, so what are you waiting for?

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