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Fiat Punto Jet Black 2

Fiat Punto Jet Black 2

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New 2018 Fiat Punto Jet Black 2 For Sale - Best Deals

Starting at £12,000, the new Punto Jet Black 2 doesn’t exactly break the bank, and it’s a real treat. Brand new to the Punto line-up, this variant was added to the UK 2018 model range only weeks ago as a limited edition option within the family. The new Jet Black 2 is an embellishment on the sportier aspects of the model, with innovative and exciting features that put it one pace ahead of its sister variants. For starters, this Special Edition trim radiates style; its commanding presence features all-black lines, plush interiors and shocks of electric blue along the exterior paintwork. There are smoky 12-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels to drool over, bespoke touches on the insignia to admire, and sophisticated design touches inside to explore. Then there’s the standard kit that comes with it – an almost inordinate amount of truly impressive features to revel in. As well as everything you’d find in the GBT, the Jet Black 2 boasts cruise control, rear parking sensors, automatic climate control and voice-activated Bluetooth connectivity – and that’s just a small selection of its many wonderful features.

At the heart of the car, you’ll find arguably the most dynamic engine available in the range – the 1.4 MultiAir petrol. Blending increased performance with Start-and-Stop technology, you’ll experience the power and efficiency of the 2018 Punto Jet Black 2 in one fell swoop – the goods that enable it to really go the distance… and fast.

Available for a short period only, the Jet Black 2 is a variant not to be missed. It speaks to drivers who crave luxury, individuality and fun at a fraction of the price, making the car a great deal.

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