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Ford Kuga 4x4

Ford Kuga 4x4

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New 2018 Ford Kuga 4x4 For Sale

Nearly all of the Kuga models are 4 wheel drive ( 4x4 ) except the few labelled 2WD above. The extra mechanicals of the 4x4 add about 100 kg to the weight of the car, and the 2 wheel drive models are lighter and therefore a bit more fuel efficient, and unsurprisingly the 2WD models are a fair bit cheaper as you don't have to pay for the extra gubbins. With the bad winters we've had in the UK recently it's understandable that sales of 4WD models have gone up massively, however it's also worth noting while it may get you going, 4 wheel drive wont help you turn or stop any quicker, so you can slide off the road just as easily as in any other car, so it may be worth considering a set of winter tyres as well / instead. The complete selection of new Ford Kuga 4x4 prices is shown above, just select the new car specification you're after to see our best prices, deals and special offers from our approved UK main dealer group on a New 2018 Ford Kuga 4x4 For Sale, either as a cash deal or with Options low rate PCP finance.

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