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Jaguar XJ LWB Long Wheelbase

Jaguar XJ LWB Long Wheelbase

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New 2018 Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase [LWB] For Sale

The Long wheelbase option has become popular in the 2018 XJ range for several reasons – firstly it’s the car of choice for chauffeur companies or company directors who like to be driven rather than drive themselves as it gives a significant amount of extra rear leg room for passengers, the price increase for the LWB is significantly less than in other models such as Mercedes as the S-Class is its main rival, but also because the styling of the car is not compromised, it still looks just as elegant as the short wheelbase version rather than “stretch”, and road testers from the UK car magazines have reported no loss of its wonderful handling prowess for the Long Wheelbase XJ. The full range of new 2018 Jaguar XJ LWB models is shown above, just click on the model you are interested in to see our best deals and cheapest prices and offers.

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