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Land Rover Discovery Hybrid Lease Deals

Find great lease deals on a new 2021 Land Rover Discovery Hybrid P400e, personal or business leasing, road tax and delivery included.


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With pressure on emissions and fuel economy pushing customers towards hybrids and electric cars, it was inevitable that Land Rover would launch a Hybrid model of the new Discovery, and while the car's target audience focus on practicality and reliability, then the new breed of customer is also looking to benefit the planet and save fuel, so the Hybrid tech seen in the Range Rover and Range Rover sport - the p400e 2.0 litre petrol motor combined with an electric motor and battery has been transplanted into the fantastic new Discovery body shell, so it gets a 297 bhp 4 cylinder petrol engine combined with a 141 bhp electric motor, giving a combined 400bhp when used in tandem under heavy acceleration and giving this big 4x4 solid performance figures, so if you are constantly using your car for shorter commutes at low speeds and only do the occasional long run then this is perfect for you as the Discovery P400e Hybrid will run for approx. 30 miles on electric power alone front the battery before the petrol engine kicks in, saving a fortune in fuel as long as you have the ability to recharge it at home overnight, and remember to do so!

Most Hybrid cars function in one of two ways – either as a “Mild” version which has a smaller battery and recharged energy from the engine, and recoups it during deceleration and braking, to supplement power to the car at lower speeds and save you maybe 5-10% in fuel economy, or the more advanced but usually more expensive “plug-in” option which charges up either from a home charger or a more powerful public charger, and allows the car to run in electric only mode at lower speeds and smaller throttle openings – ranges are typically around 30-35 miles of electric only running but this is improving all the time from better battery technology, perfect for around town and general commuting, though if you’re doing mainly longer runs at high speeds then you’re effectively just carrying around a heavy battery and extra electric motor for nothing and not seeing the benefits, so something like a diesel may still be a better choice for you in that situation. Most plug-in hybrid models come with an automatic gearbox as standard to optimise fuel efficiency, and are several thousand pounds more on the list price than their standard petrol versions but due to the enhanced resale values are typically only a few pounds a month more on the leasing price - so it’s well worth comparing how much you would saving in fuel costs, for example if the car is £40 a month more to lease but will save you £200 a month in petrol it’s a no brainer to choose one.

The complete selection of new 2021 Land Rover Discovery Hybrid Lease Deals are shown above in the S, SE, HSE spec. Just click on the model you’re interested in, and use our simple online calculator to change the parameters of mileage, term and up-front payment to work out your perfect deal, and see the cheapest monthly payments we can find you in the UK on a Discovery P400e Hybrid from our comprehensive panel of leasing companies, with road tax and delivery anywhere mainland UK included.

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