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Range Rover SDV8 Diesel

Range Rover SDV8 Diesel

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Fuel type: Diesel


Body style: 4x4


Engine size: 4.4


Transmission: Automatic

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New 2018 Range Rover SDV8 For Sale

Despite the all new Range Rover being made of aluminium and therefore a lot lighter, the SDV8 diesel engine is the one to go for - those on a budget can move into the TDV6 engined cars and find similar performance to the old model, but those looking for the big powerful creamy V8 will need to go for the Range Rover SDV8 diesel engine as it gives truly effortless overtaking performance. 0 to 60 times drop to 6.5 seconds, top speed is up at 135 miles per hour, and yet fuel economy improves drastically over the old model at 32.5 miles per gallon from the official combined figures. The full range of new Range Rover SDV8 prices is shown above, just click on the model you are interested in to see Orangewheels best deals and cheapest prices and special offers, to get a finance quote or part exchange valuation against a brand new 2018 Range Rover SDV8 for sale.

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