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Mini Countryman ALL4

Mini Countryman ALL4

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New 2018 Mini Countryman ALL4 For Sale

What you probably already know about the 2018 Mini Countryman: it’s stylish, sexy and knows how to stand out in a crowd. Is it a hatchback? Is it an SUV? The truth is, it’s a bit of everything for everyone. But here’s something you may not have known (unless you’ve checked out our ‘Mini Countryman 4x4’ page already): it doesn’t only come with front wheel drive. For extra grip and less slip, you can also pick up the Countryman complete with ALL4 all-wheel drive too.

For an extra £1,250 you get all the convenience and peace of mind ALL4 affords. Let’s not get completely carried away here: ALL4 isn’t suddenly going to turn the Countryman into a rally cross champion. But if you live out in the sticks or simply want your Mini to be that bit more stable in treacherous wintry conditions, this is the option for you.

Is there a catch? Well yes, and no. Yes, in that the car’s performance is compromised slightly (but only slightly) by the extra weight it has to carry underneath (100 kg to be exact). And no from the point of view that any dulling of handling or speed is paid off when the snow turns to ice and you know that your Mini Countryman has got what it takes to handle it with ease.

The final verdict: if you have kids and want extra peace of mind from the car you drive, Mini’s ALL4 technology is probably a good idea. If, however, you want maximum speed, agility and performance, go for something like the Mini Cooper S Countryman or Mini Countryman JCW.

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