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Mini Countryman Automatic

Mini Countryman Automatic

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Transmission: Automatic

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New 2018 Mini Countryman Automatic For Sale

Question: do only manual vehicles offer you that true driver’s feeling? That almost organic surge of adrenalin and power as you change up through the gears and really feel the heart and soul of the car as yours to command. And are automatics less intuitive, less natural and more like driving a dodgem car? Let’s discuss...

For some, automatics are just a big fat no-no. Sure, they may offer convenience and make the whole driving experience pretty much hassle free, but they do so at the expense of the purity of the drive. However, those who love automatics would argue exactly the opposite. That it’s precisely because there’s no need to worry about clutches and gears that the driving experience can really be enjoyed and appreciated. Fortunately, when it comes to the Mini Countryman, you can make your own choice, with most of the cars in the 2018 range having the automatic gearbox option (except the smaller 1.6-litre Cooper D diesel).

The good news is, the Mini Countryman’s six-speed gearbox is incredibly eager to kick down, ready at a moment’s notice to respond enthusiastically to even the merest hint of accelerator pressure. And, once you’re up and running and driving along, you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll soon forget you’re not driving a manual.

Does owning a Mini Countryman Automatic have any kind of discernible effect on performance? Not noticeably – especially when you consider that a car like the John Cooper Works ALL4 Auto Petrol Hatchback has an extremely nifty top speed of 139 miles per hour and goes from 0 to 62 mph in only seven seconds!

Not an automatic fan? It could be a good time to take another look.

Most of the cars in the 2018 Countryman range have a choice of automatic gearbox, all in fact except the smaller 1.6 litre diesel engine in the Cooper D. The complete selection of new 2018 Mini Countryman Automatic deals are shown above, just click on the variant you're after to see our best prices, deals and special offers.

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