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New Peugeot 108 5 Door Deals

New Peugeot 108 5 Door Deals

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New 2018 Peugeot 108 5 Door For Sale

Perhaps the most versatile body style in the 2018 Peugeot 108 range is the 5-door. This impressive option makes for an ideal family car, combining comfort, utility and safety in one attractive package. It’s not bad-looking either, with eight dynamic paint colours to choose from, a host of personalisation features and interior designs to delight even the most discerning driver. So why should you choose the 5-door, over its sportier 3-door cousin? Well, it boasts additional space for starters, without massive change to the overall dimensions – so it’s still fit for the city. It’s also packed full of sophisticated little touches as standard – so you won’t have to pay extra for quirks like Peugeot’s Open & Go keyless entry system. Then there’s the fact the 5-door is available across all of the 2018 model 108 trims, except the 3-door only Access, and even has its own additional variation – the 108 TOP! Cabrio – an exciting take on the city car that puts the joy back in the journey. The TOP! is a unique meditation on the 5-door’s design, bringing light and air into your city car in a way no other marque currently does. Its electrically operated, adjustable roof represents the future of urban driving – another area to be personalised – offering three bold colour options – and fully controllable to your liking. Thanks to its air and noise-limiting wind deflector, you won’t have to worry about an unpleasant ride – Peugeot has considered your every comfort in its creative process. All this – yours for under £10,000.

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