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New Renault Kadjar 1.6 DCi Diesel Deals

New Renault Kadjar 1.6 DCi Diesel Deals

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New 2018 Renault Kadjar 1.6 DCi Diesel For Sale - Best Deals

The top engine in the 2018 Kadjar range, the fantastic 1.6 litre diesel option gives the full power potential to the Renault SUV. Available for your choice of two or four wheel drive and fitted to any variation of the Kadjar model, the power and performance of the 1.6 l is unrivalled in the range. Capable of an inspiring 128 bhp, this feat of engineering can hit 0 - 62 mph in just 9.9 seconds - a big leap from the abilities of the 1.5 l and 1.2 l counterparts.

Work has been done to improve the output of all Renault engines, and this shows in the 115 g/km target that is reached by the 1.6 DCi. That 9.9 second acceleration is complemented by a stop-start feature as standard, and powers the heaviest car in the range - the Renault Kadjar Signature Nav - with ease and grace. For those choosing the elite models, this is likely to be the best choice of engine for them. In the Expression+ and the Dynamique, the 1.5 l engine is sure to be sufficient for most general use.

When you're stepping into the SUV market for the first time, taking on a bigger car can be intimidating at first. The Kadjar makes that transition easier with the powerful 1.6 l engine, which makes steering, parking and accelerating easy. Nissan and Renault have worked together to produce a beautiful machine that drives the Kadjar and gives it the edge over recent competitors. You can also pick up one of these great vehicles for under £20k, making it a fantastic value choice as a family or work vehicle - but choosing economy doesn't mean compromising on output, and you'll still see the performance you want.

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