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Seat Leon Automatic Lease Deals

Find great lease deals on a new 2021 Seat Leon Automatic, personal or business leasing, road tax and delivery included.

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Editorial view:

The automatic versions of the third generation 2021 Seat Leon all incorporate the innovative and effective dual-clutch system of the DSG-auto transmission. The DSG technology uses two independent gearboxes to provide faster gear changes, smoother handling and better fuel efficiency than traditional automatic or manual transmissions. Each gearbox unit is connected to the engine in turn, through its own drive shaft.

This intelligent, electronic design means that the system can automatically select the best gear for the road speed, driving style and other conditions, without the driver having to think about it. Plus, the compact design means that the DSG-auto system is lighter than other automatic gearboxes, and it also delivers lower emissions and a more responsive drive, as it switches smoothly between the 7 available gear options.

Automatic options are available in the 2021 SEAT Leon 5 door, Sport Coupe (SC) and Sports Tourer (ST) Estate models, in SE, FR or Cupra trims. Although slightly more expensive than the equivalent manual versions, the SEAT Leon automatic cars all provide excellent value for money compared with competitor brands such as the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A3. Plus, the improved fuel efficiency and higher resale value mean that choosing the automatic option can often make financial sense, in the longer term.

Prices for an automatic Leon Hatchback starts at around £26,000 with 1.5 Litre eTSI petrol engine and SE trim, while at the other end of the market, the automatic Leon ST with 2.0 Litre turbocharged engine and premium Cupra trim will cost around £30,000.

Orangewheels has some of the best new 2021 Seat Leon Automatic Lease Deals available, whether it’s the SE, FR or Cupra and in the 1.0 or 1.5 TSI petrol engine or the 2.0 TDI Diesel. Just select the model you’re interested in above, and use our easy online calculator to choose your ideal mileage, term and up-front payment to see your own personalised deal immediately and see how much we could save you with the cheapest monthly payments from our comprehensive panel of leasing companies, with road tax and delivery anywhere mainland UK included.

Full Seat range:



RRP £22,800 - £22,800

Tailor model


RRP £16,470 - £19,800

Tailor model


RRP £19,850 - £30,805

Tailor model


RRP £18,600 - £25,230

Tailor model


RRP £23,625 - £35,670

Tailor model


RRP £29,130 - £40,370

Tailor model

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