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Seat Mii I-Tech

Seat Mii I-Tech

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New 2018 Seat Mii I-Tech For Sale - Best Deals

The I-TECH is a more technologically advanced, exciting version of SEAT’s entry level hatchback. Designed to deliver a “smart-driving” experience for modern motorists, the I-TECH comes with online navigation equipment and visual-audio technology that sets it apart from more standard models in the range.

Originally launched in August 2014, as a replacement for the previous Toca model, the Mii I-TECH includes a fully installed SEAT Portable System Live. This is SEAT’s in-car multimedia system, which enables real-time traffic and weather updates to be beamed directly into the 5-inch touchscreen, wherever the car is on the road. Also, the system includes other apps which can direct you toward your nearest restaurant, or petrol station, for example. Or you could use the system to monitor your driving efficiency, play your music via Bluetooth, or keep an eye on the readouts from the on-board computer. With all these options available at the touch of a finger, it will be difficult to persuade drivers to return to “standard” vehicles after test-driving a 2018 Mii I-TECH.

The interior of the SEAT Mii I-TECH has been specially upgraded too, compared with the S and SE specs. Not only does it come with stylish and attractive leather steering wheel and gear lever, the and luxurious Barcelona upholstery and Shira Grey dashboard trim give the interior an added feel of elegance that you wouldn’t expect in a vehicle with a recommended On-The-Road price of slightly less than £10,000 for a 3 door, and around £10,350 for a 5 door version.

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