Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you get such big discounts? - What's the catch?

A: It's just like bulk buying. We give each of our supplying UK main dealers hundreds of orders from our customers every year, and dealers give a lot better discounts if you're buying hundreds rather than one. Imagine if you went into your local dealer and asked for 500 cars - you'd expect a pretty big discount wouldn't you? The only catch is that you will probably be buying the car from an approved main dealer a little further away than your local dealers and in exchange you'll be saving thousands of pounds.

Q: Are the cars you sell imported?

A: No. All our cars are Brand New UK main dealer supplied and registered to you as the first owner. No Imports!

Q: Do I get a warranty?

A: Of course - The full Manufacturer warranty. As you are purchasing direct from a UK main dealership, the car will have a full UK warranty, exactly the same as if you had bought from your local dealer. This means the manufacturer will authorise any UK main dealer to carry out warranty work, and it can be taken back to your local dealer for warranty work, servicing and repairs.

Q: Where can I get the new car serviced?

A: You can get the car serviced at any UK dealer of your choice. This means you can take the car back to your local dealer for all servicing and warranty work (and they'll be delighted to see you). Dealers make most of their profit from servicing nowadays, and your local dealer will not want to turn your business away just because you didn't originally buy the car from them.

Q: Will my local dealer be upset, or refuse to service the car?

A: No. You don’t speak to or deal with the salesman when you book your car in for a service, (they normally run and hide!) You deal with the Service Department, who will be delighted to have your custom – after all, the Service Department is the most profitable part of any dealership. You will NOT be penalised in any way, you WON’T get poorer service or be refused, and they WON’T charge you more for the servicing, as dealers have fixed menu pricing.

Q: Can I Part Exchange my current car?

A: Yes, absolutely. Our approved main dealers can happily supply a part exchange valuation over the phone without needing to see the car, and as all main dealers use the same 2 guide books the value is likely to be very similar to the price your local dealer has already given you. The only time it may differ significantly is if your local dealer has instead of offering you any discount on the new car used some of their profit margin to "bump up" the value of your part exchange beyond its true trade value. Just fill in the details of your part exchange on our website when you make an online enquiry and when we contact you we can get a part ex value for you.

Q: How do I make an enquiry?

A: Simply select your make and model, then tell us what colour, interior and specification you would like your next new car to be, enter details of your part exchange if you have one, enter a few personal details, then sit back while a professional from one of our supplying dealers contacts you with a no obligation quote.

Q: Why can't you just email me quotes?

A: The quotations would come direct from the dealership rather than Orangewheels, and as we receive hundreds of enquiries each day we want to ensure we can devote as much of our dealers time as possible to answering serious enquiries from our customers, and our dealers have found that customers unwilling to take a couple of minutes to speak to a dealer for what is usually the second most expensive purchase of their lives are extremely unlikely to make a purchase. So our dealers have asked us to ensure all customer enquiries have a valid phone number, allowing the dealer the dealership to have a proper conversation to work out your requirements. If you're hard of hearing or have trouble using the telephone please let us know and our dealers will make a special accommodation for you.

Q: I have placed an enquiry, what happens next?

A: Firstly, we will give you a phone call ourselves, to make sure that the supplied phone numbers work, and to see if you are considering placing an order in the next few days. If you are, we will put you in contact with one of our supplying dealers normally within 24 hours, who will confirm the amazing prices you can see on our site, they will take a deposit via credit or debit card, and send an order form for you to sign and return.

Q: What do the prices that Orangewheels displays cover?

A: The prices we display are for a brand new UK vehicle, fully On The Road, first registered in your name, with you as the first owner, and include VAT at 20%, delivery to dealer, 1 years Road Fund Licence (Road Tax), number plates, and first registration fee. Prices may include manufacturer discount offers that are available for limited periods (usually quarterly) and as these are time sensitive, they can expire after certain dates, but the dealer will advise you of this before ordering.

Q: How do I pay?

A: All monies are paid direct to the dealership – you don’t pay Orangewheels a penny. The dealer would normally require a deposit of around £500 to secure the order, but this may be more if you are ordering a particularly expensive or rare high specification vehicle. The balance is payable any time before delivery, or you can arrange finance with the dealer, or from any other source.

Q: Do you arrange finance?

A: Our supplying dealers do, and you can have a finance offer direct from the dealer*. Just mention to the dealer you would like a finance quotation.

Q: My local Dealer is offering low rate finance / interest free credit / free insurance can you match this?

A: Yes. Most cheap finance and insurance offers are made by the manufacturer direct, not the local dealer, and are available nationally, so the dealers we use should be able to match it without difficulty, and they may even have a better deal for you. Just make a note of your requirements in the 'Any Further Questions' box on the enquiry form. There are a few exclusions depending on the offer, and we can discuss these with you fully.

Q: The quote you have provided won't print out.

A: We spend a great deal of time building relationships with dealers all around the country to negotiate the best prices for you. Our dealers work with us as they know we provide them with good quality customers, and are willing to give us large discounts due to the high volumes of orders we place with them. We do not want to damage this relationship by providing 'print out' quotes for customers to present to their local dealers – We don’t want to get involved in price matching or a dutch auction. If you want to know your local dealers best price, then simply ask him “what’s your best price?”

Q: Do You Sell Cars For Export To Other Countries?

A: No, we are not able to arrange exports to outside of the UK, and we are not able to arrange sales of Left Hand Drive cars - UK customers only I'm afraid.

Q: How Do I Get My New Car?

A: The prices we quote are based on you collecting the brand new car from our supplying dealers, however for a small extra charge all of our dealers can arrange delivery to your doorstep, and collect your part exchange if required. Please ask our dealers for a quote for delivery when you speak to them.

Q: Is there any difference between a car bought from Orangewheels and one from a main dealer?

A: With Orangewheels you DO buy your new car direct from a UK Approved main dealer! We just arrange the discount and the introduction for you with a dealer happy to sell at that price. The cars are Brand New and all supplied direct to you by Approved UK main dealers and are the same cars you would buy if you walked into your local dealership showroom. You will be the first owner on the V5 registration document (or log-book as it is known) and there will be no delay in getting the log book, unlike some other online car sellers, we do not sell pre-registered cars.

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