How We Work

Here at Orangewheels, our service comes into play once you've been to your local dealers and had a test drive. When you're in the position that you've done your homework and know exactly which model, colour and options you want, and it's down to who can get you that car the cheapest - that's where we come in. At that point we can take the same spec you've decided on, tell just how much cheaper we can get it for you, get you a finance quote or part exchange value if required, to see how much cheaper we are than your local dealers. If it's significantly cheaper than your local dealers we can put you in touch with our supplying main dealers for you to buy from them instead.
(Please note if you haven't been to your local dealer we will probably just tell you to go there and try it and ask their price first, as we aren't a lot of use until you've done that!)

We Are Not a Car Dealership...

We believe you should only buy a new car straight from a UK main dealer. Orangewheels are simply here to put you in contact with some of the biggest Approved Main Dealer groups in the UK for you to buy the car straight from them, just at a heavily discounted price. Why? Because we can give each of our dealers hundreds of orders every year, and we can get you a lot better discount buying hundreds of cars every year than you can buying just one car from your local dealers - it's just like bulk buying.

We Don't Sell Cars...

We aren't here to try and talk you into buying a particular car, we are here for people who have already decided they want a new car, know exactly what they want, they just would like to buy it cheaper than their local dealer wants to sell it to them. In fact we actively encourage you to go to a dealer first, test drive the car and make sure it's exactly what you want before speaking to us.

We Don't Pre Register Cars...

Unlike a lot of online companies, we don't pre register the cars in our name first to try and claim a 'Fleet Discount' from the manufacturer - this means you are the proper First Owner of the car, and it is Brand New, not nearly new or Pre-Registered, so no messing around with the car in someone else's name on the log book or switching the warranty around. This also means you will be able to claim most of the manufacturer incentives that can be available such as free servicing, or manufacturer discounted finance.

We Don't Sell Finance...

You can arrange finance straight from our supplying main dealers and take advantage of manufacturer finance offers or arrange your own finance or just pay cash, whichever is better for you - We don't get paid any more if you take our dealers finance, and we aren't trying to force you into one of our own finance deals at inflated % APR rates to try and make a profit, and as our cars are all brand new then if there's an offer on a particular model like deposit contributions, cash back, very low rate finance or 0% interest free credit - you can usually have that offer on top of our discounted prices - see our 'manufacturer offers' section on each model for further details.

The Best Way To Find The Right Car At The Cheapest Price
(in 3 Easy Steps)

Step One: Find The Right Car.

Firstly, got to your local dealer, in fact go to several dealers. Go and test drive as many cars as you're interested in and find out which one you like - you can only do this by test driving them, and there's no point in trying to find a cheap deal before you've tried the car - you're putting the cart before the horse. You wouldn't want to spend ten, twenty, or thirty thousand pounds plus on a new car without trying it first. It's the number one reason for people wanting to sell a car in the first year of ownership - they rushed or didn't bother with the test drive and then after they got it decided they didn't like it, and they lose a lot of money selling it early.

Step Two: Find The Cheapest Price.

So you know what car you want - good! Now ask the local dealer what his best price is. He may be a little cagey about this (after all the more you pay the more commission he makes) but simply tell him you're not interested in haggling and to give you the best price, and then leave with it in your pocket - whatever you do, don't be daft enough to buy the car there and then! Once you've got this - shop around, visit the Orangewheels site, spec up an identical car on our system and compare your dealers best price with our prices - most of the time we're a lot cheaper. If we are, great! Simply type in your name and phone number, or pick up the phone and give us a call - we with then put you straight in touch with one of our dealers who can supply the car to you direct at our discounted prices.

Step Three: Buy The Car!

The dealer will take a small deposit (usually around £500) to secure the order, send you out the necessary paperwork to sign and you've pretty much done it. Now either arrange to collect the car or have the dealer arrange to deliver it to you. Don't worry about it not being your local dealer - a brand new car from one UK main dealer is exactly the same as one from another - it's why they're allowed to have the manufacturer badge above the door. Don't worry about and after sales care either - as it's a brand new UK car you're buying you can take it back to your local dealer (or any other UK dealer) for any servicing, maintenance or warranty work, so if the car came from some distance away, you'll not have to take it to where it originally came from, and can still enjoy the convenience of your local dealers servicing department without the high pressure hassle and higher prices of their sales department.

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