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Not many people are aware there's an all-electric golf model, but when you go read the reviews in the motoring press, it comes out as one of the finest electric cars on sale! the e-Golf has the equivalent of 136 horsepower from it's electric motor but as all such cars have immediate full power from zero, it feels a lot faster off the line. No gears means it runs out of puff earlier than a conventional car so it's not so comfortable cruising around at 90 mph on the motorway, and although its range is quoted at 186 miles, we recon more like 125-130 is more likely in real life before needing a recharge. so if your commute is less than 100 miles round trip (and you've got somewhere to plug it in at night and maybe a conventionally powered second car in the house should you need to do longer trips) then this could be the perfect car for you as a fill up will cost you around £3. Orangewheels has some of the best discounts available with our new 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf deals, just click on the model above to add your required exterior colour and any optional extra equipment to see what is the best offer we can find you, and just how much you could save with our approved main dealers cheapest prices, either as a cash deal or with a low rate PCP finance quote.

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