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VW Golf Bluemotion

VW Golf Bluemotion
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New 2018 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion For Sale

Volkswagen introduced the Bluemotion model into the Golf range following its success in the Polo, designed to be as fuel efficient as possible, tweaking everything from the engine, the aerodynamics, suspension and the tyres to give the most MPG and the lowest CO2. The 2018 VW Golf Bluemotion is for sale as a stand alone model based on the basic S spec, but VW also realise that customers may want a higher spec version so the VW Golf Se and GT are also available, giving all the levels of standard equipment you get on these higher specifications, but with some of the economy features of the bluemotion, and these can also be had on the larger 2.0 litre diesel model too. The standard 1.6 TDI Bluemotion gives an incredible 80 miles per gallon with just 85 g/km of CO2. The SE and GT and models are just a little higher. You can see the full range of 2018 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion for sale above along with our best prices, just click on the car you are interested in to see what is the best deal we can offer you.

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