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Volkswagen Passat S Spec

Volkswagen Passat S Spec

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New 2018 Volkswagen Passat S Spec For Sale - Best Deals

The new Volkswagen Passat S Spec, along with other specifications of this new generation, has been given a complete makeover and style upgrade. The standard specification includes everything you’d expect from Volkswagen in terms of safety and comfort. Features such as lumbar adjustments in the front seats, cooled glove compartments and 16” alloy wheels as standard, demonstrate just some of the ways in which Volkswagen designers have gone the extra mile creating this model.

While VW Passat S Spec prices start around £22k it certainly doesn’t come across as a budget vehicle, far from it. The exquisite level of detail in the exterior design, such as the attractive chrome louvres on the radiator grille, sets it firmly in the ranks of premium cars, such as Mercedes Benz and BMW.

With a combined mpg in the early 70's, the Passat S boasts impressive performance for a “basic” version. Both the passengers’ and driver’s comfort and safety are well taken care of, with features including fully adjustable seats and arm rests, modern curtain airbag system and ABS as standard.

The Passat S comes with a range of options, including automatic and manual gearbox versions, and a choice of 1.6 and 2.0 litre diesel engines.

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