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VW Polo 5 Door

VW Polo 5 Door

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New 2018 volkswagen Polo 5 Door For Sale

The 2018 Polo is available in both a 3dr and 5 door format as you would expect, with the 5 door model costing about £600 more than the equivalent 3 dr car. What most people don't know about the Polo is that the 3 dr and 5 door models are built in entirely different factories, even on different continents. What does this have to do with anything you may ask? It has a large effect on delivery times when ordering a car not already in stock, with the Polo 3 dr being built in Spain, so taking 10-12 weeks from order to arrival at the UK dealer, where the VW Polo 5 door is built in South Africa, so it takes more like 16 weeks from order to arriving here in the UK. The entire range of new 2018 Volkswagen Polo 5 door for sale are listed above for you, just click on the car you are interested in to see our best discount prices.

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