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VW Up Automatic

VW Up Automatic

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New 2018 Volkswagen Up Automatic For Sale

The Up was initially launched by Volkswagen UK purely with a manual gearbox, but as compact cars like these tend to spend their lives mainly running round the city in traffic, an automatic gearbox was deemed essential to sales in the UK. Volkswagen in its infinite wisdom decided to do its usual trick to confuse customers and instead of just calling it automatic, they decided to give it the initials ASG, so any UP model you see listed above with the initials ASG next to it means it's an auto gearbox. The VW Up automatic costs about £600 more than the equivalent manual version in the UK, and as it's so efficient it actually helps lower CO2 levels. The entire selection of new 2018 VW Up Automatic deals is shown above. Just select the new car you're after to see the best prices from our approved UK main dealerships, and special offers on a New 2018 VW Up Automatic For Sale, either as a cash deal or with low cost dealer finance.

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