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Volvo V60 D4

Volvo V60 D4

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New 2018 Volvo V60 D4 For Sale

The D4 is one of four common rail direct injection diesel engines offered by Volvo for the V60: similar to the D3, but with added power.

As with the D3, the D4 is a 20 valve, 5 cylinder transverse engine that is available on all 2018 V60 models from the Business Edition right up to the R-Design Lux. Both are two litre engines offering either six speed manual or six speed automatic transmission, and both the D3 and D4 feature the same fuel economy figures, the same levels of CO2 emissions and the same vehicle tax bands at C for the manual and D for the automatic. The weight of the D4 is comparable with the D3, albeit slightly higher for the automatic, slightly lower for the manual.

The new Volvo V60 D4, however, offers a greater top speed for both its manual and automatic variants than the D3. The D4 automatic has a top speed of 134 mph compared with the D3 automatic's 124 mph, while the top speed of the D4 manual is 137 mph - a figure that stands at 127 mph for the D3 manual. Maximum brake horsepower is also higher with the D4: while the D3 offers a maximum brake horse power of 136, the figure cited by Volvo is 163 bhp in both the manual and automatic versions of the D4.

Prices for the Volvo D4 engine vary depending on the V60 model that is chosen. Expect an on the road starting price of £22.6k for the Business Edition, going up to £32.9k for the R-Design Lux.

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